Hand Crafted to fit your special needs
In this modern world I am dedicated to offering old world
craftsmanship. I have over  thirty years experience in the
restoration field and have developed a broad spectrum of
knowledge related to my craft. Although I am retired from  
furniture restoration and refinishing, Custom Carving, Gold
Leaf application using water gilding I chose to show a few
examples of my past conservancy work in those fields
I now worked with many interior decorators, designers,
Custom Cabinet shops in and out of the country to provide
them with truly a custom gold embossed & blind embossed
leather insert  exactly to there needs .  I hope you enjoy
looking at the many samples of my work  as well as find
some of the services I offer of interest to you.   
The gold embossing designs page  you will see my standard
embossing designs that are available to choose from along
with many embossing corner and center stamp designs,  along
with  3 leather category to choose from and another page on
this site  showing many more leather that are available for
inserts as

I look forward to serving your needs.  

Russell A Heath
Offering a complete service for  Custom Gold Embossing &  Desk Leather inserts replacement, as
wel as a Complete line of Upholstery  leather  & Exotic hide leather.